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Anderson Parris
Anderson Parris

Anderson is from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados, where at a young age he found his love and calling for music. Being mostly self-taught, he followed his dream and passion no matter the place so he could play. Who would not be happy doing what he loved, play alongside some of the greatest musicians of the time and seeing the world. Until one day while playing in at a local place in NYC he was in between sessions and this gorgeous singer was belting out a beautiful melody that made all the men melt and Anderson could not escape her heavenly voice.

A short time after they met, they fell in love, not only with each other but more in love with their musical gifts. They were soon married and shortly thereafter La Dawn and Anderson formed The Next Level Band. The two would play, sing and run a very successful music business together, and for many years it was like watching two angles move and work in such harmony they would up lift you with their authentic Caribbean vibe. Anderson playing his guitar and Steel Pan drums like it was a physical part of him and La Dawn vibrating the heavens with her morning bird voice. Sadly, La Dawn left us early and Anderson still plays as if his songbird is right there singing with him, putting more of his heart and soul in every performance as to make his true love proud.

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